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Earthquake School Reconstruction Project update

June 2016 | Gorkha

Based on the MoU signed with the Department of Education in December 2015, OLE Nepal has started reconstruction activities in four primary schools in Gorkha district. During the last three months, we have made multiple visits to the construction sites and held community meetings to involve local people the reconstruction process. The construction site preparation at three of the schools has already been completed through the mobilization of local communities. During a recent visit, we also checked the material and labor cost with district rate in order to finalize the cost estimate for each school.

The required structural analysis of the various building block designs have already been completed, and the analysis and design have been submitted to the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) for approval. Depending on the available land size and shape, combination of two, three and four room blocks will be constructed for a total of eight rooms in each school. 

The project is being implemented with the support from the Air Asia Foundation and donors who contributed to our online campaign last year.