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In-School training for 20 Primary Schools in Bajhang

January 18 – 28, 2016

OLE Nepal recently conducted in-school training for 20 primary school teachers in Bajhang from phase III.

In school training was the second part of the three- stage training program designed to develop the skills and confidence of teachers regarding the integration of E-Paath activities in teaching and make optimum use of digital resources in daily teaching learning process.


A teacher along with his students in E-Paati lab room at Jana Jagrity Primary school in Bajhang

A team of eight OLE staff including trainers, support staffs and field coordinator formed four groups conducted the training.  All the teachers who were part of basic (initial seven day) training were required to demonstrate the E-Paati integrated class. The trainers from OLE Nepal observed and provided feedback and suggestions at the end of each class. During the training, the team also checked the status of E- Paati, school server and network, and provided the technical support as needed.
Apart from training, the team also conducted community meeting to discuss the community involvement in this program. All the members of School Management Committee (SMC) and Parents Teacher Association (PTA) were invited to the program. The roles and responsibilities of SMC and PTA were further reiterated for the effective implementation of program.

You can read more about the training, here

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