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OLE Nepal signs an agreement with DOE on reconstruction of schools in Gorkha

December 2015 | Kathmandu

OLE Nepal recently signed an agreement with Nepal’s Department of Education to construct school buildings that were destroyed by the April 25, 2015 earthquake. OLE Nepal will construct four permanent buildings in Gorkha district, each with eight rooms and separate toilet facilities for boys and girls.  Under the build back better strategy, OLE Nepal will introduce better learning environment at the schools through the use of digital resources and laptops along with teacher training and support program.

Gorkha school construction MOU with DOE

OLE Nepal’s Rabi Karmacharya and Mr. Khaga Raj Baral Director General of the Department of Education exchanging the signed agreement.

The four schools in Gorkha were selected on the basis of a detailed study by a OLE Nepal team and survey forms filled by the respective schools few months back. The survey form focused on assessing the schools’ plans for reconstruction with support from communities, and their plans for how to sustain the laptop program beyond the initial few years where OLE provides support.


We would like to thank hundreds of supporters who have contributed towards the construction and rehabilitation of the schools in Gorkha. Various campaigns and events were organized outside Nepal to raise funds. OLE Nepal would specially like to thank AirAsia Foundation for organizing the “To Nepal with Love” campaign, Anil Shahi for doing NYC Triathlon, Anjuli Piya for running the MCM marathon, Dougie Foster for organizing ‘Hit the Ball for Nepal’ event, and Ram KC and Karen James for hosting the OLE Nepal benefit dinner.

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