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Our upcoming activities


OLE Nepal is planning various activities for upcoming months. Twenty schools from phase III Bajhang Laptop Program will be further supported by In-school training. In-school training is usually conducted four to six weeks after the laptop program is introduced in schools. During the training, OLE Nepal team will monitor the status of program in each school, observe the E-Paath integrated classes with textbook and also provide the feedback for further improvement. Apart from this, the team will also provide technical support in these schools.


We will be visiting our program schools in Banke and Solukhumbu district. During the visit, team will update the school server with new lessons for grade seven. An orientation will also be given to the teachers in integrating those lessons into their teaching-learning process.

Apart from these visits, our team will also visit Kavre district where our E-Pustakalaya program is being implemented. Team will also conduct refresher training training for the teachers and technical support to the schools to smoothly carry out the program.

OLE Nepal’s plan to rebuild five schools in Gorkha district, an epicenter of the major earthquake, will be carried out in early 2016. The team has already completed detailed survey of schools in Gorkha which has also been finalized by District Education Office in Gorkha and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed with respective schools for the implementation of program.

We will be sharing more on these planned activities in our upcoming posts.


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