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Re-acquainting teachers with enhanced teaching skills

November 2015 | Bajhang

OLE Nepal team successfully completed refresher training for teachers from Phase II schools of Bajhang Laptop Program. As a part of three-stage training, teachers of the program schools were once again acquainted with key concepts and skills which helps them to smoothly conduct ICT integrated classes. The training which was held in Chainpur, the headquarter of Bajhang district, consisted of two teams who carried out three different sessions of teacher training between November 21 – 28, 2015. There were total of 59 participants present in the training.

teacher training

Reinforcement of skills and concepts

The training which is usually conducted six months after the program implementation, fits rightly within the time gap between in-school and refresher training. During the training, teachers are reinforced and explained the key concepts and skills about teaching and learning methodologies and technical aspects. Various issues and challenges encountered by teachers while conducting laptop integrated classes were shared and addressed among the team members. Any confusions regarding the laptop program and its sustainability were cleared and issues about any important aspects of the program were clarified during the training.

technical support

Technical support

During the refresher training, teachers were requested to bring their schools servers to the training. These servers were updated with newly added digital library contents and newly introduced version of E-Pustakalaya called Bal Pathmala which is a collection of popular pictorial books for children in Nepali and English languages. It has been designed to help children start their reading habits and self-learning abilities. OLE Nepal team also upgraded the operating system of laptops for smooth functioning of the laptops.

Main objective of the refresher training is also to review the general troubleshooting techniques for teachers. Small yet important techniques are explained so that teachers themselves could solve specific problems related to technicalities. Our technical team also updated school pen-drives with new operating system image for school laptops.

transferring knowledge

Transferring teaching skills

Another important objective of the training is to encourage trained teachers to pass and share their knowledge among other teachers of the community. A one day visit to nearby program school was conducted with an objective to interact with fellow teachers and exchange information about successes and challenges of integrating laptop classes. Participant teachers also got the chance to observe classes and classroom management skills. It helped teachers to receive and share feedbacks among themselves. This exercise has motivated and hugely encouraged teachers to contribute even more in the success of the program.

Refresher training held in Bajhang, also saw the presence of senior government officials such as, Department of Education’s Education & Technology Promotion Section Chief, Mr. Ambika Prasad Regmi, newly appointed District Education Officer, Mr. Surya Bahadur Singh, School supervisor from District Education Office, Mr. Surendra Kathayat and Food for Education Unit Chief, Mr. Rishiram Bimali. The team of government officials observed the training and encouraged teachers to apply the wonderful development of ICT in education in their everyday classrooms.


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