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Creating Leonardo Da Vinci’s journey

October 2015 | Kathmandu

Our team had a crude idea about mixing real images with characters illustrated in the lessons while developing and designing lessons for grade eight English. With a creative concept to blend and create interactive activities for students, we started digitizing the book, Leonardo Da Vinci.

We chose the life of Leonardo Da Vinci as he was hugely talented and an inventor, artist, architect and scientist. The objective of the lesson is to inspire the children to work exceptionally hard to follow their passion. We also believe that Leonardo’s life shows that there need not be a dichotomy between science and arts. All of us can equally enjoy the passion for science and arts without the need to choose just one.













We believe images speak and capture the essence of the stories being conveyed. As descriptions and factual images unifies with the characters, each lesson blooms and looks equally interactive.













While going through the lessons, students will be able to listen to the audios which describes different aspects of the lessons. These audios play an important role in captivating students’ imagination while explaining them the scenes. They can observe the stunning views of Italy as well as be part of Da Vinci’s inventive journey.













Designs and images keeps changing during his journey. It allows students to discover different places so they can visualize whole scenario experiences by Leonardo. We believe that students will be energized to read his story and understand the importance of following ones dreams with hard work and passion.




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