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Program schools visit in Banke

Banke | Sept 30- Oct 5, 2015

Following the series of training and visits to program schools in different districts, OLE Nepal team steadily conducted basic training and technical support visit to the three program schools in Banke district. The project of laptop integrated teaching learning program in Banke was implemented in the year 2012 with support from Embassy of Finland’s Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC).


Team member Dipak conducting training

A team of four from OLE Nepal visited the schools with the main purpose to monitor and provide technical support in the schools. The teachers  from these school had previously received different level of training regarding the integration of digital learning materials in their classrooms in various intervals. However, since these schools have additional new teachers, our team conducted two-day basic training for new teachers.


Our system engineer Bishnu examining status of E-Paati

The visit conducted between September 30 – 5 October, 2015 had nine teachers from three schools participation in  the training. The training primarily aimed to familiarize teachers with basics of E-Paati (laptop) along with highlighting the importance of integrating digital learning resources in teaching learning process. Besides this, the program also focused on how teachers can prepare and effectively use lesson plans for collaboratively using digital and textbook content. The teachers were also practically trained on technical aspect of school network.

Apart from the training, our team also updated each E-Paati with latest version of content. The schools now have access of grade seven content on math and science subjects. The team also updated the school server with latest content. The school server now contains more than 6,500 textbooks on various subjects, educational audio-visual resources and other important educational materials.  Our team also provided orientation and demonstrated the use of updated content to the teachers.




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