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Our upcoming activities


OLE Nepal is planning different activities for the upcoming months. The twenty schools of phase III program will be further supported by In-school training. In-school training is usually conducted four to six weeks after the laptop program introduced in the schools. During the training, OLE Nepal team will monitor the status of program in each school,  observe the teacher’s class regarding the integration of E- Paath with textbook and also provide the feedback for further improvement. Apart from this, the team will also provide technical support in these schools. The office is also planning to conduct Refresher training for thirteen schools of Phase II.


Mid-line survey for ten schools of Phase I is also planned for upcoming month. The main purpose of the survey is to analyze the academic progress of after the laptop program is introduced in schools.

We also have Doti and Dadeldhura technical support visit planned for next month. The schools in Doti and Dadeldhura are running the laptop program under the OLPC model basis. The office is planning to introduce “Shared Model’ from the available laptops in the schools. We believe this would help school to conduct their schools smoothly without the need to manage huge number of laptops.

Apart from this, we will be visiting our program schools in Baglung district. During the visit, team will update the school server with new modules of activities. An orientation will also be given to the teachers in integrating those lessons into their teaching-learning process.

Refresher and technical support is also planned for our program school in Pangboche, Khumjung VDC of Solukhumbu district. The laptop program in the district was implemented in collaboration with Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF).

OLE Nepal plans to reconstruct the schools in Gorkha, which was hit by massive earthquake early this year. The team had recently completed detailed survey of schools in Gorkha which will soon be finalized through Ministry of Education and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed  with respective schools for the implementation of program.

We will be sharing more on these planned activities in our upcoming post.


Our upcoming fundraising activities:

The Marine Crop Marathon

Anjuli is running her first ever Marathon, The Marine Crop Marathon on October 25, 2015 with an aim to support an innovative program launched by OLE Nepal. Read more about her fundraising initiative.


Ram’s Benefit dinner for OLE Nepal

Our friend Ram is organizing a benefit dinner program for OLE Nepal on November 7, 2015, USA. Ram has been actively involved in organizing this program since past few years and has been successful in raising funds for our laptop.







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