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Many students are overwhelmed by Mathematics.  With our goal to make math fun and enjoyable, we at OLE Nepal are constantly developing new lessons that are simple to understand through examples which are relevant to our everyday life. Math is fun and, we always want our users to feel so while navigating these learning materials. The objective at the beginning of the lessons help students know what they will learn by the end of the lesson. All our lessons starts with objectives guided by Curriculum Development Center within the Department of Education.

Below is an example of a new digital lesson Unitary Method from grade 8, which we are currently developing.






A simple way to understand this method is by applying it to our everyday habit of buying stationery from a shop, such as pens, glues, ribbon, etc. We are able to easily calculate the actual price required to pay or to get the change back from a shopkeeper. This is how our lesson starts.










During the middle of a chapter, learners are asked some questions as shown in the image to make sure if they have understood well. If not, they have option to go back and repeat the section by clicking on ‘Replay’ button.

The major points in the lesson are summarized in short points. So that, learners would remember it in future too. We believe such key points really work for the interested learners.





divide and multiply



The rules of multiply and divide are explained through a very common example which our learners may be familiar with.











Time and work related problems are very popular in unitary method. There are few examples of such numerical problems along with their solutions.









deal with fractions



In this lesson, unitary method also deals with the fraction.












And fraction related problems are solved with very simple methods as shown in the image.












Exercise for the unitary method is made a bit interesting with an animated Rhino which gets permission to run for each right answer but cannot move if selected answer is incorrect.








correct answers



While solving problem, correct answer is shown even if the learners mistakenly click on the incorrect option.












Clicking any option will allow the user to go to the next question. So, no learner can move ahead without finding solution as well.












As many right answer as learners make, the rhino runs near towards the finish point. And is finally able to cross the flag.












As soon as the lesson along with exercise is completed by the user, they can directly enter to the conclusion page. They have option to return back to a menu or can repeat lesson as well as exercise as per their interest and need.

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