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Ray Diagram


OLE Nepal developers’ team is constantly developing and designing different digital activities for various lessons. Our team has developed interesting activities for grades two through seven in subjects Nepali, English, science and math that are based on national curriculum of Nepal.


Image 1



Here is one of our new activities that content development team is developing for grade 8 science learners. This is an interactive learning materials for light which covers the construction of a ray diagram for the curved mirror including both concave as well as convex mirror.






image 2



The user can observe the ray diagram and check image characteristics based on the location of an object.







Image 3




The important properties and usage are given in a list. This helps learners to easily summarize the notes for their own quick reminder.




Image 3




We have a “Do it yourself” section where the user gets to solve the given problem on the basis of the lesson.




Image 4




We have designed an exercise with some questions along with their respective options. The user get to click on the right answer. However, it also gives them two more chances to find out the right option even after clicking on the wrong button(s).






Image 7



Finally, after solving all the problems, user can evaluate themselves through the scores seen on the scoreboard.


Also read about the Microbes War, another fun science lesson.







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