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Deploying grade seven activities in Solukhumbu

Aug 26 – 31, 2015 | Solukhumbu

OLE Nepal team deployed E-Paath activities of grade seven in Solukhumbu.

A team of two consisting of Basanta Shrestha and Ravindra Sah visited five program schools in Solukhumbu district to install grade seven E-Paath activities during August 26 to 31, 2015. While installing new activities, team also conducted monitoring and provided technical support to the program schools.

showcasing new activities

Program Manager Basanta demonstrating new E-Paath activities.

All the E-Paath activities for grades two to seven were packaged on a single bundle and were installed on the desktop computers of the schools. A new interface which allows them to access E-Paath for any grades in English and Nepal has also been integrated into the bundle. Laptop focal teachers from each school were given a copy of the software bundle and were instructed to install on any computer they may have. An orientation on software installation and basic usage were also conducted. The visiting team demonstrated few grade seven activities and its features to the teachers.

updating contents

Updating the school server with new learning resources

Among five of the program schools in Solukhumbu, one of the schools named Pike Secondary School located in the northwest of district headquarter in Tamakhani was badly affected by the earthquake of 25th April and was having severe difficulties managing the computer lab. Most of its classes were running in Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) and the school network setup had been completely disrupted. Our team provided necessary technical support to the schools to manage temporary computer lab. However, the other program schools were doing very well.

The visit also gave us an opportunity interact with teachers and gather necessary school data while discussing various benefits and challenges faced by the schools during program implementation.



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