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Surveying the schools in devastated Gorkha

August 21, 2015 | Gorkha

OLE Nepal team recently conducted a detailed study and survey of the schools in Gorkha district which was hit hard by the massive earthquake of April 25, 2015. The team rigorously assessed and surveyed the schools in the VDCs such as Kerabari, Hansapur, Kharibot, Simjung, Muchowk and Bhachchek of Gorkha district.


Interacting with the teachers

The survey was conducted by the team of two including Ganesh and Sofila along with two volunteers from United States, Srikaran and Matthew who contributed their time and energy to assist in the survey and assessment. A week long survey conducted from August 21 to 28, 2015 observed many vulnerable school buildings which were in no position to run their regular classes. Many schools required rebuilding and reconstruction which at the moment are conducting their classes in the Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs).

The initial scanning of the areas right after the earthquake helped decide where the focus should be. During this survey, each school was required to fill out a detailed survey questionnaire covering all aspects of the reconstruction and rebuilding of the schools. The questions primarily focused on how the schools planned to carry forward the reconstruction project with support from the community members along with how schools planned to sustain the laptop program beyond the initial few years, what steps they plan to take to ensure success of the program, and how they thought the program would benefit their students. Among the surveyed schools, five schools will soon be finalized in cooperation with Department of Education. Along with the above mentioned components, commitment of schools towards child-friendly learning opportunities was also equally important. It was also important for the schools to have basic infrastructure to carry forward the program with same determination and dedication.


Volunteers sharing a moment with students

OLE Nepal team is planning to reconstruct five schools in Gorkha district with generous support from our friends at AirAsia Foundation and the funds raised through our indiegogo campaign. The foundation was successful in raising more than USD 200,000 to benefit the children and their education from #ToNepalWithLove Campaign. Likewise, through our campaign Nepal Earthquake Relief for Children and Education in indiegogo, we were able to raise around USD 22,000. It plans to incorporate all the funds in reconstruction and rebuilding activities in Gorkha along with educational infrastructural activities including the laptop project.

The organization is currently running its E-Pustakalaya program in twenty-four schools in the district, and with the schools rebuilding project, it hopes to help students build stronger future for themselves.


To learn more about the volunteers Srikaran and Matthew, please read their story.

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