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OLE Nepal reaches another twenty schools in Bajhang


August 2015 | Bajhang

Yet another milestone has been reached with the extension of laptop program in twenty new schools in Bajhang district.

Since the successful implementation of the program in Bajhang district from early 2014, OLE Nepal has been able to steadily extend the program to third phase in collaboration with Bajhang District Education Office, UN World Food Program and the Embassy of Finland. In every phase, OLE Nepal has worked with various development partners and local bodies for proper implementation and sustainability of the program. So far, the laptop program has been implemented in forty-three schools.

The orientation program was conducted for new schools in June, where the responsibilities and required preparation by the schools were discussed for effective implementation of the program. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between OLE Nepal and respective schools. All the schools were selected in recommendation by DEO after detail study of the potential schools conducted by OLE Nepal staff, DEO officials and WFP sub-office personnel.

twenty schools

Collage of twenty new schools

                               Twenty new schools:
Nawayug Primary School                                Latinath Primary School
Dandabagh Primary School                            Janajagriti Primary School
Dhaulapur Primary School                             Kalika Bhairav Primary School
Janata Primary School                                     Amrit Primary School
Kalika Primary School                                      Yuwabarsa Primary School
Adarsha Primary School                                  Janajagriti Primary School
Bhuwaneshwori Primary School                   Mahadev Primary School
Sarada Primary School                                    Bagwati Primary School
Khapardev Primary School                             Kalika Primary School
Bathpala Primary School                                Bhawani Primary School



Testing and preparing the laptops before deployment

Laptops for new schools:
New XO-4 laptops also arrived in May and has been tested and prepared for deployment to new schools. Like the ones deployed in Phase II program schools, these new laptops also have great features making it suitable for the schools in rural areas. It will run on ARM based processor making the laptops a much faster machine. Along with having more memory, storage and speed and consuming 40% less power, these laptops also has touch screen feature on them. Our technical team have ported the software (E-Paath) bundle to be accommodated in the new processor. Nepali characters have also been invoked into the laptops along with the addition of translations in new interface. The team will be distributing these laptops to new schools during their training period.



Furniture and solar panels for program schools


School furniture and solar power systems:
For the smooth implementation of the laptop program, OLE Nepal team in support by the solar vendor contractor has already installed the solar power systems at schools that lacked electricity grids. Likewise, the special desks for the laptops has also been built, managing the space for XO power adapter allowing to tie the power cords behind the desk for safety and neatness. Altogether 139 sets of desks and benches were deployed to the program schools.

We hope the integration of digital learning educational resources will benefit the students and teachers in their teaching-learning process.



You can read about the orientation program conducted in new schools here.



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