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Bajhang volunteers for Phase III program schools

Volunteer program is one of OLE Nepal’s key aspects of the laptop program in Bajhang. The program gives young graduates an opportunity to spend three months in school communities to provide assistance in project implementation and school support. As a facilitator they get unique opportunity to learn about the application of technology to enhance primary education while gaining invaluable insights to the challenges faced by schools in remote areas.

This program has emerged to fill the need for a hands-on assistance to teachers and schools in using technology effectively in classroom teaching-learning process and to facilitate students and teachers to utilize the resources made available through the project, once the program is introduced in the schools.

This time, we have eight young and energetic volunteers who were selected from a pool of numerous candidates. These applicants came from different social and educational backgrounds. Most of the applicants hold bachelor’s degree in social work and had prior experience of social services in their communities. This diverse group of volunteers are very excited to contribute towards providing access to quality education among students of Bajhang.


Bharat Dhungana

Bharat Dhungana

Bharat holds bachelor degree in Social Science and Mass communication from Tribhuvan University and is looking forward to completing his master’s program in near future. Before resuming his further studies, he would like to utilize this opportunity to explore the impacts of ICT in education provided across public schools of rural Nepal. Besides contributing in the social developments of his community, he likes to travel to new places and learn their cultures and traditions. As an influential writer, Bharat is enthusiastic about writing Nepali literature. Soon he is going to publish his Novel called “Kehi Sambandha Haru."

Rojmon Chaudhary

Rojmon Chaudhary

Rojmon holds bachelor degree in social work with major in English from Goldengate International College, Kathmandu. Passionate about social service, Rojman intends to utilize this opportunity to explore the education practice in rural parts like Bajhang. He hopes to utilize all the knowledge learnt through the training towards increasing quality of education in Bajhang. He believes education plays important role for holistic development, and technology is right medium for it. Besides working he likes to reading inspirational books and traveling.

Birkha Bdr Dhami

Bikram Dhami

“This is the perfect opportunity to contribute in the education sector of my community” says our volunteer Bikram Dhami who is originally from Bajhang. Bikram recently finished his bachelor in Social work from Santowana College, Kathmandu and is currently awaiting his results. Before joining the volunteer program at OLE Nepal, he has volunteered in different social organizations such as, Force Nepal, National Federation of Disabled Nepal and Saath Nepal.

Anjana Shrestha

Anjana Shrestha

Anjana holds bachelor degree in Social Work from Santowana college, Kathmandu. As a part of OLE Nepal volunteer program, she wishes to contribute in the education sector specially in the rural parts of Nepal. She wishes to enhance the ways of learning among kids with digital learning content from E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya. Before joining OLE Nepal’s volunteer program, she had taken professional trainings including field level experiences.

Ashish Sedai

Ashis Sedai

Ashis recently completed his high schooling from Liverpool International college, kathmandu and is looking forward to his higher studies in abroad. However, before starting his undergraduate studies he would like to develop his abilities and attitudes through this volunteer opportunity. He hopes to use all the skills he has learnt through the training to be able to contribute in helping children in their learning process. Before joining OLE Nepal’s volunteer program, he was actively involved in different clubs and program organized by college. Ashis loves to trek and playing cricket.

Srijana Basnet

Srijana Basnet

Srijana, who is originally from Bhaktapur, recently finished her bachelor program in Social Work. Through this volunteer program, she wishes to enhance the learning process of kids specially in rural part of Nepal. She believes that through the digital content E-path and E-Pustakalaya developed by OLE Nepal will greatly helps to change the trend of teaching and ultimately enhance the teaching learning process. She feels proud to be part of this campaign. Srijana likes reading novels, watching movies and visiting new places.


Priyanka Shrestha

Priyanka is originally from Nawalparasi. She recently finished her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Mass Communication/Journalism from Goldengate International College, Kathmandu. Through this volunteer program, she expects to be familiar with the current teaching learning practices in rural Nepal and learn ways of adapting in new communities. She hopes to use all the skills that she learnt throughout her life and most importantly during the training at OLE Nepal, to contribute towards children and community. Prior to joining the volunteer program, she used to work at The Kathmandu Post as feature sub-editor.

Tej Prasad Luitel

Tej Luitel

Tej holds education degree in Health Education from Tribhuvan University. Through this volunteer program, he would like to share his knowledge and experiences in the areas like Bajhang which is far flung the access of quality education and learning resources. He believes that trainings and experiences are important part of character development. Before joining OLE Nepal as volunteer, he was involved with different social organizations as researcher and field supervisor.

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