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Microbes War!

OLE Nepal’s E-Paath team is driven by merging our two main goals: how to meet the learning objectives set by national curriculum and how to use innovative learning practices to create fun and meaningful learning experiences.

We have been exploring simulations, narratives and educational games.
‘Microbes war’ is a narrative-based game that we are working on right now.
Students learn about microbes as a part of their eighth grade science curriculum.

Learning about microbes does not only give them a chance to learn about the wonderful world that is not visible to our eyes, but also gives them life-saving valuable lesson on health and sanitation. ‘Microbes war’ tries to make students realize the crucial role microbes play in our world ecosystem, while also explaining the positive and negative roles they play in human lives.
Here are a couple of screenshots from this work-in-progress.

Image 1

Students need to identify microbes that are beneficial to humans from the microbes that are harmful to humans.


The two groups of microbes will compete in a quiz contest, where different microbes related questions are asked.


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