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Math is Fun!

We are very excited to have Rabindra Shrestha join our E-Paath development team as a math expert. He is also a co-founder and a math teacher at Bloom Nepal and brings his unique passion in the design of math activities.
One interesting activity recently developed with his expertise is Indices.
We will be briefly highlighting good design practices we are employing in our new activities.

image 1



Prodding student’s critical thinking and explaining mathematical processes using imagination and imageries that students can relate to.
‘Lokharke’, our E-Paath mascot, prods student with the question ‘How?’ A glider then drops index ‘1’ to all numbers that don’t have index. These elaborate imageries helps student understand the concepts and embed them in their memory.










After teaching each chunk of math concept, giving students small problems to work on helps them further understand it.

This helps student assess their knowledge, examine their misconceptions and solidify their math skills.








Give them simulations where they can play with the math concepts.
Such simulations are very helpful in building math intuition.










Summarizing salient concepts and rules
Students can get easily overwhelmed in the abundance of information, concepts, rules, examples, corollaries and exceptions. Thus, summarizing all information helps students create a structured hierarchy of that mathematical information and ultimately helps them understand the concept!


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