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Creating mini pustakalaya!

In process of providing easy access to our digital library, OLE Nepal has been exploring different design formats. The latest addition to our E-pustakalaya is mini E-Pustakalaya. It is the condensed version of our E- Pustakalaya that contains useful and popular books for children of all levels.

Generally, installation and usage of E-Pustakalaya requires a separate school server and necessary networking tools for the area without internet connectivity. Considering the places which may lack both the essential items, the digital library can be accessed through this mini pustakalaya. It was established with an objective to provide easy access to our vast repository of educational resources through a handy package. We aim to utilize it in many earthquake relief programs and in our program schools through XO laptop.

We believe that this sort of application will allow children to have access to many books with limited resources.

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