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Our activities for remaining summer!

Chepang students

Students from Shree Rastriya Primary School


OLE Nepal team looks forward to an exciting start in terms of our programs. We have a special project launch in a school of Chepang community in Chitwan. The curriculum based activities which was developed in Chepang language is now being introduced for the first time in Shree Rastriya Primary School. This region of the country has majority of Chepang speaking communities and integrating the curriculum based learning resources will help the children in learning new concepts in their mother-tongue.

Shanti Griha logo

Taking further our intervention to provide quality learning resources in the Chepang community, OLE Nepal team is also installing E-pustakalaya server in Jana Jyoti Primary School located in Chitwan itself. We are collaborating with Shanti Griha and organization with a vision to improve the living standard and create sustainability through the enhancement of social and productive infrastructure and human capacity in income generation, education, health abilities, leadership, and peacebuilding.

Apart from this, we will be visiting our program schools in Solukhumbu, Banke and Baglung. The contents which has been fully developed up to grade 7 will be updated into the school servers. An orientation will also be given to the teachers in integrating those lessons into their teaching-learning process.

We also have our Bajhang deployment planned for the month of August, during which our team will provide seven-day intensive training to the teachers of newly selected twenty schools. Our volunteer selection process is also beginning soon. The selection process will be followed by an in-house training for the volunteers preparing them for their stay in Bajhang for next ten months.

We will be sharing more on these planned activities in our next post.

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