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What’s new in our E-Pustakalaya!


OLE Nepal continues to enrich E-Pustakalaya by adding new learning materials. Taking into account the disaster that struck Nepal, this quarter we have added books that revolves around the theme of an earthquake. The titles of these books range from earthquake resistant physical constructions to education in times of emergencies. We believe that this sort of books will provide important guidelines for general public. Our books also guides teachers and other stakeholders regarding child friendly and safe operation of schools in the aftermath of disaster. Besides, we have also added teacher’s guide books for grade one to ten on various subjects. These guidebook, developed by Curriculum Development Center (CDC) will greatly help facilitate the teaching process in schools.

Additionally, we are also working to publish children’s picture books whose story ideas were collected from the writer’s workshop held in different parts of Nepal. The books have already been edited and is in an illustration stage. To make the pictures more engaging and exciting, our interns helped us color the sketches. We hope these books will be an additional source of learning resources for kids and will help them develop good reading habits.

You can also download our E-Pustakalaya app in any android based devices and get access to thousands of books, all free!

Recently added books in E- Pustakalaya
Recently added books in E- PustakalayaAlso read an article on development of our mini E-Pustakalaya.

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