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AirAsia Foundation raised over USD 200,000 for OLE Nepal

airasiaMay 2015 |

With their successful campaign to help children continue their education in the worst affected areas of Gorkha district, AirAsia Foundation has raised over USD 200,000 by mobilizing their network and resources. The campaign which took place from May 6 to May 22, 2015, saw donation boxes made available on board AirAsia flights and hub airports, in addition to on-going flight sponsorships for medical and relief aid workers.

The press release issued by the foundation for the campaign states, “funds raised from the campaign will fully benefit Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal), a Kathmandu-based non-government organization with an established track record working with more than 140 schools in 30 districts across the country to address disparities in education access and quality.” All funds will be used to help rebuild schools and ensure students are able to return to a safe learning environment.

OLE Nepal family would like to heartily thank AirAsia Foundation for their effort in raising an enormous funds which will be contributed in lifting lives of Nepali children and their education.

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