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Revisiting Bajhang project schools

June 2015 | Bajhang

OLE Nepal in cooperation with World Food Program (WFP) and Bajhang District Education Office (DEO) has been implementing its laptop based teaching program from last two years. Till date, the program has been implemented in 23 primary school. OLE Nepal team including  program and technical staff; Tika Raj Karki, Deepak Shrestha, Deepa Thapa, Shishir Pandey, Bishnu Bidari and Ravindra Sah conducted In-school training for thirteen primary school of phase II program.

Teacher from Kalika Primary School teaching Maths by using XO laptop

Previously,these schools had received basic training regarding effective integration of digital learning resources developed by OLE Nepal.

In school training are usually conducted in 4 – 6 weeks after the program is introduced in the school. The main purpose of this training was to review their implementation practices, discuss and suggest on the challenges faced by teachers while integrating digital learning resources in their teaching learning process. All the teachers who were part of the basic training (initial seven days training) were presented for In-school training program. The team also updated the school server, an offline digital library with latest content.

“E -Paati was introduced in my school in last Magh. I have experienced a lot positive changes in the way of teaching learning process of my school. Most importantly, this program helped to refresh different things which was taught during the basic training.”

Lok Raj Awasthi

Teacher from Kalika Primary school, Bajhang

Participant teacher sharing his experience of integrating digital resources in teaching learning process at review program

Along this, the team also conducted review program for ten schools in which our laptop based teaching program was first introduced in the district. Total thirty participants representing Headmaster, Focal teacher-E-Paati and School Management Committee chairman was presented in the program. The program provides common platform for the schools to review their performance and discuss the challenges faced by teachers after the implementation of program.

[Review is newly introduced program for our program school which provides a common platform for teachers to exchange their experiences regarding the program. It is conducted after all the training are conducted in the school.]

Following are the list of schools included for In School and Review Program.
In School training School – Phase II Review Program School – Phase I
Kedar Namuna Primary School, Khulmor Deepjyoti Primary School, Komalpur
Chirasani Primarys School, Mantola Manakamana Primary School, Syadi
Masta Primary School,Sunkuda Kalika Bhawagti Primary School,Deulekh
Kalika Primary School,Sunkuda Shiva Bhawani Primary School, Deulekh
Bhawaneshwori Primary School, Madi Bhumiraj Primary School, Suwakot
Janachetana Primary School, Baanjh Bhumiraj Primary School, Sunkuda
Saraswati Primary School, Bhamchaur Siddi Ganesh Primary School, Bakhet
Janachetana Primary School, Deura Bhairab Primary School, Daumune
Nawaratna Primary School, Kuch Aishworya Primary School, Moyal
Nawaratna Primary School, Kuch Tyadi Primary School, Bhairabnath
Bhawani Primary School, Luyata
Durga Devi Primary Schoo, Kotdewal
Balbikas Primary School, Masta


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