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OLE Nepal’s Relief Effort for children at Tundikhel


In process of providing relief to the children during the time of destitute, OLE Nepal is continuing its relief effort at Tundikhel, located in the center of capital city. With an aim to help children stay positive and engaged in learning, our volunteers are providing children with educational tools – XO laptops at Child Friendly Space (CFS) in Tundikhel.

This CFS has been initiated by World Vision International where volunteers from OLE Nepal are actively involved in encouraging kids to explore the learning materials and interactive lessons from laptops for few hours at the center. Many children living under the tents at the ground come to the designated space to engage in extra curricular activities, such as drawing, signing, dancing. Our effort will give them an added benefit of learning from the digital educational tool.

So far, we have seen the participation of more than 150 kids. We plan to continue our effort in coming days benefiting many children as possible.

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