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OLE Nepal’s Relief Effort for children at Kirtipur, Khokana & Bungamati

With an aim to help children stay positive and engaged during the times of disaster, OLE Nepal has started its relief effort at Panga in Kirtipur and Bungamati and Khokana in Lalitpur. After conducting thorough research on most vulnerable areas for the children within Kathmandu Valley, OLE Nepal team identified designated Child Friendly Spaces which can be used to help children continue their learning process.

Amidst all the chaos, we at OLE Nepal are particularly concerned about the welfare of thousands of children who have been affected in more ways than one – distressed, displaced and completely traumatized by the scenes of devastation all around them. In such situation, it becomes absolutely important to keep the children engaged, playful and active without affecting their mental status.

In Panga, we are conducting our sessions in two centers located at Navajyoti Primary School and Janasewa Higher Secondary School. Likewise, our session in Bungamati and Khokana is also divided into two and is running in child friendly spaces in different school areas. OLE Nepal volunteers Sabita, Sabrina, Saugat, Sawal and Peter are managing these sessions in the field.

OLE Nepal is planning to carry forward the relief effort in many places as possible. Click here to read about our relief effort in Tudhikhel.
Following are some photos taken during the sessions.

collapsed house

Collapsed houses at Bungamati.

collapsed house at Khokana

Collapsed house at Khokana.

Our volunteers passing through the rubbles to reach the center

Volunteers passing through the rubbles to reach the center at Kirtipur.

Bringing smiles in faces of children

Bringing smiles in faces of children.

Vounteer sabita helping little girls with the laptop

Volunteer Sabita helping little girls with the laptop.

Learning is fun

Learning is fun.


Happy faces.


Learning in groups.


Exploring what’s in their educational tool.


Open Space and open minds.


A volunteer teacher Mr. Newton Maharjan managing the class. We were very glad to pass him our E-Paath activities.

spending quality time

Spending their time in quality learning.

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