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Updates on our program schools

May 2015 | Kathmandu

The magnitude of 7.8 richter scale earthquake had hit Nepal very hard destroying many lives. The earthquake left many people homeless by destructing numerous houses and destroying our infrastructures, religious sites, historical monuments and many of Nepal’s precious artifacts. Small magnitudes of earthquakes has always occurred in Nepal due to its geographical placement. However, the one that occurred in March 25th, 2015 was one of a kind that many people had never experienced before. OLE Nepal family would like to convey its deepest sympathy to those who lost their lives in this natural disaster and also to those who lost their loved ones in this unfortunate turn of events. May we all find courage to overcome this disaster soon.

Through this post, we would like our well wishers, supporters, stakeholders and project partners to know about the current situation of our program schools starting with the ones in Gorkha district. Gorkha which lies in the Western Development Region was the epicenter of the earthquake, particularly the village of Barpak. We have been constantly trying to contact schools and gather information about their situations on the ground. With the heavy-heart, we have attained the status of our program schools which lie in the districts near to the epicenter.

Gorkha District

School Names


Mandali Higher Secondary, Choprak :

Out of four building 9 classrooms, office rooms and computer labs are completely shattered and the other remaining rooms of the school are in the state of debris as the door, roof and windows are cracked.

Mirkot Higher Secondary, Mirkot :

6 rooms of old building which use to run classes are leveled. Whereas the new building and computer lab is OK.

Akala Higher Secondary, Ratmate :

Less damage around the school area, few minor splits and cracks found on the walls.

Bhawani Higher Secondary, Palungtar :

15 rooms of old building, office and computer labs are damaged and rooms of the new building are cracked. However, they confirmed that the computers are safe.

Amar jyoti Higher Secondary, Luitel :

20- 25 rooms( including office, classes for disabled students) of the old 6 building has collapsed, computer lab is completely buried and the new school building, built by Indian embassy is also cracked.

Sharada Secondary, Khoplang :

No grave damage to the school building, few walls are splintered and cracked but can be used after some minor maintenance.

Sudarshan Lower Secondary, Palungtar :

Minor damages to the school property that needs maintenance.

Propakar Adharsa, Jaubari :

21 classrooms are completely leveled. 4 rooms of 1 block which was under construction is safe. Furnitures, computers and everything else are buried under the rubble.

Nepane Secondary, Kerabari :

11 rooms has completely collapsed and the remaining rooms are cracked. However, computer lab is safe.

Sansari Mahendra Higher Secondary, Naya Sanghu, Gakhu :

Most of the wall which was used for partitioning the room are leveled. Office room and most of the classrooms are cracked. Only 6-7 rooms are safe to run classes.

Annapurna Higher Secondary, Khoplang :

All the rooms cracked.

Janata Higher Secondary, Aanpipal :

12 rooms are completely destroyed and new building is filled with cracks and splits.

Champawati Higher Secondary, Niware :

A whole school building has collapsed and the remaining buildings are cracked.

Rajgare Secondary, Kamaltar :

Only two rooms got major wall crack.

Mahendra Lila Higher Secondary, Harmi :

One old school building has collapsed and 14 rooms in the other building are OK

Jana Jyoti Higher Secondary, Jaubari :

Only 4 rooms remained harmless.

Dhansira Higher Secondary, Ghyachok :

Most parts of the buildings has collapsed.

Tarachandra Higher Secondary, Kusunde, Muchhok :

Most parts of the building has collapsed

Gyan Jyoti Higher Secondary, Lapsibot :

Only two rooms remained harmless.

Prabha Higher Secondary, Apun, Kharibot :

All the buildings are cracked and damaged

Himalaya Higher Secondary, Simjung :

Most of the school building has collapsed.

Bhrikuti Lower Secondary, Barapirke :

The walls of the School building are all cracked.

Solukhumbu District

School Names


Jana Jagriti lower Secondary, Salleri :

School has some small cracks in the classroom wall but no human casualties has been reported. It is planning to resume school from tomorrow.

Swarnim Pimary, Salleri :

School has no damage and is planning to resume school in a week.

Pike Secondary, Tamakhani:

Office room is damaged and some cracks are seen on the block room. Some damage is also seen in the toilet. Management is planning to resume school from 21st of May.

Dudkunda Himalyan lower Secondary :

There is no damage in the school building and no human casualties has been reported. They are planning to resume school from next week the 11th of May. It was reported that the wifi antenna of the server is broken after the server fall down during the earthquake.

Garma Secondary :

This school seemed most damaged school among others in the area. Eight rooms of old building are damaged and office room is also cracked. Since most of the rooms are severely damaged, school management is uncertain on resuming the school.

Singkhali Lower Secondary, Chimding :

Five classrooms are completely damaged. One student was sent to Okhaldunga for treatment. They are uncertain about resuming the school.

Pangboche Primary School :

Toilet is damaged and cracked one building. The detail information will be provided tomorrow, however the head teacher is out of reach.

Kavre District

School Names


Binayek Bal Lower Secondary :

Four rooms of two blocks were damaged and they are uncertain on resuming the school.

Jana Jyoti Secondary, Jangal :

Two toilets are damaged and some classroom wall are cracked.

Navin Primary School :

There are some cracks on the classroom wall but no major damage was reported.

Mahakali Higher Secondary School, Naya Gaun :

Out of 5 buildings, rooms in 3 buildings has major cracks. Most of the walls, specially of the third floor of three-storey building collapsed and the remaining wall of other floor’s rooms have got major cracks. It seemed impossible to resume classes in these rooms.

Chandini Secondary School :

6 rooms of one building is cracked which can only be used after maintenance, E-Pustakalaya room is usable.

Baglung District

School Names


Rudra Pipal Secondary School:

No damage reported

Ganesh Secondary School :

No damage reported

Mahendra Secondary School :

No damage reported

Tribhuvan Secondary School:

No damage reported

Janata Secondary School :

No damage reported

Prithvi Higher Secondary School:

No damage reported

Lalitpur District

School Names


Navajyoti Lower Secondary :

No damage to the school. Teachers and students are fine. However, it has been reported that houses of most children are damaged at Chapagaun.

Siddheshwor Lower Secondary :

No damage to the school. Teachers and students are fine.

Basuki Secondary:

No damage reported by the headteacher.

Vishwamitra Secondary :

No damage to the school. Only some cracks on internal partitions.

Chandi Devi Primary :

No damage reported. Teachers and students are fine.

Sringeri Secondary :

One of the buildings is damaged.

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