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Visiting program schools in Gorkha for data collection

March 23, 2015 | Gorkha

OLE Nepal in collaboration with Maitri Trust UK and Gorkha Foundation has been installing offline E-Pustakalaya servers in schools of Gorkha. Till date, such servers have been deployed in twenty three schools in the district. OLE Nepal team comprising of four members, Ganesh Ghimire, Sawal Acharya, Shishir Pandey, and Peter Kayastha recently visited sixteen of these schools with the primary purpose of collecting data regarding E-Pustakalaya usage and technical support associated with the servers and networking. Collection of such data helps us in monitoring and evaluating our programs thoroughly and gives us a sense of direction for future endeavors.

Peter, our technical intern checking the status of

The process of data collection went by smoothly as there was not any serious issue with the hardware of the servers.

Apart from data collection and technical support in district, the team also installed E-Pustakalaya server in a new school – Shree Saraswati Higher Secondary School, Aahale, Gorkha. Following the installation, Mr. Ghimire, E-Pustakalaya Coordinator also gave an orientation for the school teachers on using E-Pustakalaya.

Both OLE Nepal and the school staffs believe that availability of quality digital learning materials in the schools will further enhance the teaching learning process benefiting both students and teachers.

[Maitri Trust is an organization based in United Kingdom that provides financial assistance to non-profit organization across developing world that have the potential to create systemic change through education and training.
Gorkha Foundation is also non- profit, grassroots organization working to improve living conditions and strengthen the economy in poor and marginalized communities in the Gorkha region.]

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