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Revisiting pilot project schools in Lalitpur

February 19, 2015 | Lalitpur

In process of providing technical support to schools, OLE Nepal team revisited their pilot project schools located in Lalitpur. After its inception in 2007, OLE Nepal had piloted the project in two schools of Lalitpur district, Basukhi Secondary School and Bhiswamitra Secondry School. Laptop project was first implemented in these two schools with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative. Total of 238 laptops loaded with E-Paath were distributed to the students then. This project gave the students from public schools a one on one access to quality educational digital resources.

The team revisited the schools to provide necessary support in taking forward the new approach to learning in schools as well as examining the technical functionalities of the laptops.

teachers at xo lab after installation
OLE Nepal staff examining the XO laptops

Learning from our past experiences, OLE Nepal planned to implement the ‘shared model’ at these schools as well for the effectiveness and sustainability of the program. The main objective of the shared model is to provide certain number of laptops to the school equivalent to the largest number of students in grades two through six as a way to reach more students with limited laptops. During this visit, the team also had an opportunity to review the status and update the systems of available laptops. Few laptops were brought back for repair.

Sringeri Secondary School of Sisneri, one of our project schools was also part of this visit.

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