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More than 300 laptops deployed to Phase II schools

January 2015 | Bajhang

The second phase of the laptop program in Bajhang had a positive start with the basic training for thirteen new schools. This was also the time when OLE Nepal’s technical team successfully equipped computer labs, installed E-Pustakalaya server and networked XO laptops in the schools. The deployment conducted in January took place in areas of Jhota, Deulekh and Chainpur where new schools were located.

teachers at xo lab after installation
Teacher with XO-4 (E- Paati) after the installation at their schools

The technical team deployed more than 300 XO laptops in schools following the teacher training. The training program which was also held in January familiarized the teachers with E–Paati (XO laptops) and its functions along with the importance of integrating digital learning educational resources in the classrooms. Providing laptops subsequent to the training was a thoughtful plan as teachers could use the tools rightly and immediately without much challenges. Our volunteers were also present during the deployment and they will be spending couple months in Bajhang assisting teachers and students in overcoming any difficulty they may face during integrating these resources at their schools.

The laptops were distributed on shared model which meant that each school would receive the number of laptops equivalent to the largest number of students in grades two through five. The largest of the deployments was of 42 laptops. OLE Nepal also deployed desks and benches to the schools which were designed particularly to manage space for XO power adapter, allowing it to tie the power cords behind the desks for students’ safety and neatness of the classrooms.

The team also provided support to few schools in Bajhang and Dadeldhura district following all deployments.

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