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Thousands of books, just a touch away!

November 2014 | Kathmandu

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our mobile application, &#39E-Pustakalaya.&#39 (release date 11-12-2014)

In line of making the educational resources easily accessible to the students and general public, Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal has launched an android based mobile application which is easily and freely downloadable from the Google Play store at

Front page of an app
Front page of an app
Easy to sort out the books by author, title and date
Easy to sort out the books by author,
title and date
Details about the book
Details about the book

An application ‘E-Pustakalaya’ contains more than 6,000 varieties of books, both in English and Nepali languages with good concentration of books in Nepal’s ethnic languages as well. This application for mobile will give our readers a different experience in terms of ease and convenience. With thousands of books to select from, readers can now access the books of different genres, just with a touch.

The app has been developed with an easy to use interface and is very user friendly. The gradual upgrade of the application will see addition of other materials such as audio-visuals, text documents, audio-books and many more.

Mobile applications have gained maximum popularity in past few years and with this in mind, our team started its conception early on. These educational resources hosted on and on offline school servers has been launched as an app with the version 1.0 and has the following important features:
– Browse books by category
– Search books using keywords, titles, or authors
– Sort books by author, title or date
– Download books as PDF
– Read books offline
– Access books from offline server (schoolserver) deployed at schools

We hope the coverage of the digital library will grow more with the help of this application, benefiting more readers around the world.

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