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Extending reach to 13 new schools in Bajhang

January 2015 | Bajhang

OLE Nepal team is extending its Bajhang laptop project to new schools. In recommendation by the Bajhang District Education Office (DEO), thirteen new schools has been selected for the phase two of our laptop program, resulting in total of 23 schools with our laptops. The orientation program was conducted for new schools in December where the responsibilities and required preparation by the schools were discussed for effective implementation of the program. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between OLE Nepal and respective schools.

Orientation program for teachers
Orientation program for beneficiaries

Following are the names of the schools:
Kedar Namuma Primary School, Syandi
Charisaini Primary School, Mantola
Masata Primary School, Padpakha
Kalika Primary School, Gobindadhar
Bhawaneshwori Primary School, Khiratadi
Janchetana Primary School, Banjh
Saraswati Primary School, Bhamchaur
Janchetana Primary School, Rayal
Nawaratna Primary School, Parakatne
Bhawani Primary School, Luyata
Janajagriti Primary School, Kailash
Durgadevi Primary School, Kotdewal
Balbikas Primary School, Masta

Busy testing XO laptops
Busy testing XO laptops

New XO-4 laptops also arrived in December. These laptops were tested and prepared prior to deployment. These new laptops also have great features making it suitable for the schools in rural areas. It will run on ARM based processor making the laptops a much faster machine. Along with having more memory, storage and speed and consuming 40% less power, these laptops also has touch screen feature on them. They have also ported the software (E-Paath) bundle to be accommodated in the new processor. Nepali characters have also been invoked into the laptops along with the addition of translations in new interface. The team will be distributing these laptops to new schools during their training period.

Installing solar power systems at a school
Installing solar power systems at a school

Furthermore, to implement the laptop program smoothly, OLE Nepal team in support by the solar vendor contractor has already installed the power systems at schools that lacked electricity grids. Likewise, the special desks for the laptops has also been built, managing the space for XO power adapter allowing to tie the power cords behind the desk for safety and neatness.

Furniture ready for dispatch
Furniture ready for dispatch

In line of preparation for the Bajhang deployment, the training for volunteers was also conducted. Ten-day training program majorly focused on pedagogical aspect, technical aspect and the overall importance of integrating digital learning resources in the existing education system, especially in the rural areas of the country. During the training period, the team also focused on the preparation for deployment, such as, installing required operating system and software on the servers and XO laptops, packing and grouping server, laptops, routers, network equipments required and stationery for deployment. The volunteers will be spending 2-3 months in Bajhang providing teachers and students with the first hand assistance during initial days of program implementation.

We hope the integration of digital learning educational resources will benefit the students in their studies, immensely.

OLE Nepal team leaving for Bajhang
OLE Nepal team leaving for Bajhang

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