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Writing Workshop – Gaindakot

December 25, 2014 | Nawalparasi

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal successfully organized a writer’s workshop at Sahamati Learning Center, Gaindakot, Nawalparasi from December 25-27, 2014. The event was attended by about twenty writers from Chitwan and Nawalparasi. The major objectives of the workshop were to: create interesting children’s picture books, train local writes about different ways of writing stories, familiarize the local writers with E-Pustakalaya, and encourage them to produce more children’s books.

The workshop began with a presentation by Prof. Dr. Churamani Bandhu. His presentation focused on highlighting the importance of picture books in the context of Nepali Children’s Literature. After that, Dr. Dhruva Ghimire gave a talk on child psychology and appropriate contents for children stories. He also talked about different ways of presenting the stories, citing examples from famous children books.

Once done with the presentations, the team conducted a writing exercise. The participants were made to write short stories on topic of their interests. Our team of experts, then, evaluated these stories and provided the participants with feedbacks and suggestions. By the end of the workshop, we were able to collect fifteen new picture stories. These stories will be first edited and illustrated and then made available in E-Pustakalaya. Alongside picture books, we were also able to acquire twenty seven books of Nepali literature for our library. We are thankful to the local writers for their generosity.

Prior to the workshop, the team also ran an information session on E-Pustakalaya for local teachers. In the session, the teachers were informed about E-Pustakalaya features and taught about navigating through the interface. The team also stressed on the benefits of using digital educational contents in daily classroom-educational activities.

During the course of the workshop, OLE team also interacted with the participants to hear their views about the program. Since this type of workshop was new to many of the participants, it proved to be both informative and enjoyable. They eagerly look forward to being part of similar events in the future.

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