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Joining hands with Miss Nepal Subin Limbu

Miss Nepal

October 2015 | Bajhang

We are very happy to announce our association with Miss Nepal 2014 Subin Limbu.

Subin, in partnership with OLE Nepal is leading a campaign to engage the youths of Nepal in transforming education, and introducing better learning opportunities to children from disadvantaged communities in remote parts of the country. The program aims to encourage the youths to take charge to address the widening disparity in access to quality education, and help to ensure brighter future for thousands of children who have been marginalized due to socio-economic and geographical reasons. This campaign will mobilize the youths to leverage technological advancements to bring innovative solutions to rural parts of the country.

Many children are denied the opportunity to a better future simply because they lack the access to quality education and conducive learning environment. This campaign challenges educated young people to volunteer their time and skills to introduce innovative, participatory and fun approach to learning in remote villages through the use of technology and digital learning platform.

Subin will also be promoting this initiative in a global platform of Miss World competition through her Beauty with a Purpose segment very soon. Find the excerpt from the press release by the Hidden Treasures published in October 19, 2014.

“This year for the Beauty with a Purpose award in the Miss World Pageant, Subin Limbu is focusing on an education project involving primary level school children. Her project will take her to the Far – Western region of the country (Bhajang, Dailekh and Shivakot) where she will spend about a week with primary level school children. Breaking from the tradition of just books and copies and with the help of integrated technology such as animation/ laptops, she will teach children how to make education fun and participatory so that they will be attracted to go to school. She will motivate the children to develop a unique independent attitude and not depend on teachers only. In this project, Subin will closely work with Open Learning Exchange (OLE) organization which has been engaged in this new process of education in primary level school children here.”

Please visit here to read the full press release.

Miss Nepal

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