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Writing Workshop in Biratnagar

June 28, 2014 | Biratnagar

OLE Nepal has been organizing writing workshops in various parts of Nepal to encourage the local authors to write children’s books. We focused on Nepali literary writers outside of Kathmandu valley to participate and contribute in this event to produce fun and educational books for children’s. So, a children’s picture story workshop was organized from 28-29 June, 2014 in Biratnagar. This program was similar to the writers workshop held previously in Pokhara and Bhairawa earlier few months.

The program was facilitated by the renowned child storyteller, Dr. Dhruba Ghimire along side the Nepali linguist Prof. Dr. Churamani Bandhu with the aim to write children’s picture story suitable for children of age 5. Authors from Biratnagar who had previously contributed to Nepali literature and Nepali children’s’ literature also had participated in the workshop.

Prof. Dr. Chudamani Bandhu delivering speech
Prof. Dr. Churamani Bandhu delivering speech

In the first phase of the workshop Prof. Dr. Churamani Bandhu presented the philosophical introduction and development process in the field of children’s literature in Nepal. He also pointed out the  growing need of development of children’s literature in Nepal and the importance of the such workshops for it. Then, Dr. Dhruba Ghimire enlightened the participants about the important skills necessary for writing stories and to create stories that can be read out loud for 5 year old children. He then made the participant practice the story writing skills. The participants practiced writing stories  based on various pictures presented to them. The exercise helped the participants to understand basic principles and presentation of children’s picture story writing.

Participants presenting the picture story book
The participants presenting the picture book

In the second day, the participants presented their picture story, discussed and gave feedback about their works. Repeated group discussion, constructive feedbacks and direction by resource person in the field helped enhancing the writers work. A total of twenty-four enhanced picture stories were collected in the end of the workshop. Wrapping up the event the participants expressed their gratitude as they had learnt the important skills necessary to write children’s picture story after completing the workshop.

All the participants were called on by E-Pustakalaya team and were requested to submit their previous books to publish on E-Pustakalaya so that reader could assess their content easily. 17 books were collect on this occasion which will be digitized and uploaded in E-Pustakalaya.

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