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Turtle Art Day 2014

May 2014 | Lalitpur

OLE Nepal helped in organizing a two-day workshop titled “Turtle Art Day 2014” in Kathmandu from May 9 to 10. The program was held at Nepal Administrative Staff College, and was attended by more than 70 children from four schools in Lalitpur. The participating schools were Navajyoti Lower Secondary School, Siddheshwar Lower Secondary School, Chandi Devi Primary School, and Bloom Nepal School.

Turtle Art Day program has already taken place in some other countries in the past few months, and is led by none other than Walter Bender from SugarLabs. During this program in Kathmandu, he was helped by a group of enthusiastic OLPC volunteers from different countries like Bernie Innocenti, Adam Holt, Nick Dorian, and mentors from OLE Nepal like Rabi Karmacharya, Subir Pradhanang, Basanta Shrestha, Sumit Acharya, Bibek Maharjan, and Martin Dluhos.

The workshop began by dividing the students into different groups. It was a full hands-on workshop with each of the student being given an XO laptop to try out Turtle Art (Blocks) activity.

On the first day, the students were introduced about the basic concept of what Turtle Blocks activity was all about, viz., getting the turtle forward, turning it right, turning it left, etc. It was then followed by making different shapes with different colours like square, triangle, and lots of other interesting patterns that they could try out with on the second day.

At the end of the second day after the workshop, a table was set up for an exhibition for children to show off their projects. There was also a special break-out session for robotics with Butia by Walter.

Walter Bender demonstrating Butia Robot to school children.

Turtle Art Day
Walter Bender evaluates Turtle Art Programs created by students.

Turtle Art Day

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