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Feasibility study in Jhapa

Apr 4-7, 2010 | Jhapa


Prospective programme school classroom

A team from OLE Nepal visited Jhapa, a hilly district in the East, to conduct a feasibility study on the suitability of schools in that district for OLE Nepal’s OLPC implementation programme. Jhapa was chosen due to the absence of the programme in Eastern districts. The team spent all their time in the district visiting different schools and holding discussions with various stakeholders. The visiting OLE team first visited Chandragadhi where they met with DEO officials from Jhapa including Programme Officers, Under Secretary, Resource Persons and School Supervisors. The team also visited Birtamod to join the DoE team who were conducting a training session in ICT in education to teachers from selected schools from Jhapa district. After discussions with the various parties, of the seventeen schools that were suggested, the OLE Nepal team together with the DEO selected seven schools to visit. Implementation of the programme in Jhapa will take place following the upcoming round of deployment.

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