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OLE Nepal is conducting a number of ICT based education projects to ensure effectiveness and greater impact from its overall program. These include:

  • OLPC Pilot
    • OLE Nepal’s two-phase OLPC pilot project was launched in April 2008.
    • Phase 1 began in April 2008 and ended in March 2009, during which time OLE Nepal implemented the project in two rural test schools in Lalitpur.
    • Phase 2 began in April 2009, where the pilot was expanded to 26 schools in six districts (Dadeldhura, Kapilvastu, Kavre, Lalitpur, Makwanpur and Mustang).
  • E-Paath
    • E-Paath is a collection of digital education materials prepared by OLE Nepal, that are designed to be used by teachers to fulfil learning objectives outlined in the curriculum, as well as fully exploit the power of multimedia by integrating text, images, audio, and animation to make learning both fun and effective.
    • The activities are child-centered, tailored to the Nepali context (e.g., the Nepali language is used and the pictures and images also reflect Nepali settings), open source (i.e., users are free to modify, enhance, and tailor these activities according to their needs), multi-media based and fun to use.
  • E-Pustakalaya
    • E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused electronic library which contains books, full-text documents, images, videos, audio clips, and educational software.
    • It is designed specifically with school aged kids in mind, but holds materials that can be used by teachers, general readers, and researchers alike.
  • Network and Power
    • OLE Nepal’s goal is to establish a connection between the schools, and to OLE Nepal central server in Kathmandu in order to make it possible to update new activities at the schools, create a communication link between all the above nodes, and also receive feedback and data from the pilot schools.
    • All the schools that OLE Nepal is working with within the pilot phase are already connected to a network and a large number of them have also been connected to the internet.
  • SchoolTool
    • SchoolTool is a suite of free administrative software for schools.

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