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Make sure that you’ve download the required version of the E-Paath archive. Follow the Download Instructions.

Installing on OLPC XO Laptop

  • Copy the downloaded file to a USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive in XO.
  • Go to ‘Journal’ view.
  • Click on the USB drive icon.
  • Click on the name of the E-Paath file that you downloaded.
  • Please wait for about 5 minutes, E-Paath will launch after it has been installed.

Installing on Linux

  • Downloaded EPaath for Linux.
  • Extract the file some where on your machine.
  • Navigate to the EPaath directory on the extracted location.
  • Open index.html using Firefox browser.
  • Note: you could copy the EPaath direcotry to webserver document directory in order to access it through local server.

Installing on Microsoft Windows

  • Extract the EPaath folder from the downloaded ZIP archive to ‘C:\’
  • Go inside the folder and run ‘install.bat’
  • Select all the default options in the installation dialog boxes that follow.
  • You could run ‘C:\EPaath\EPaath.exe’ after installation completes.
    Or you could find EPaath icon on your desktop.

Don’t change any file/folder name. The location in first step must be ‘C:\EPaath’.

Browsing E-Paath Online

  • Make sure you have a compatible browser (Mozilla Firefox 5+, Google Chrome 11+, Opera 10+, or Safari 4+).
  • Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player Installed.
  • You can use E-Paath Online.