E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused free and open digital library. It contains thousands of books, educational videos, audio-books, reference materials and interactive learning software.

E-Pustakalaya is accessible on the Internet at www.pustakalaya.org. It can also be installed in low power servers and deployed in schools and community libraries that either do not have Internet connectivity or have low bandwidth connection. Such local instances of E-Pustakalaya will enable better user experience through fast access and quick downloads.

You can also download E-Pustakalaya mobile application from Google play store.


Free access to all the content

Browse, Search & Link facilities

Offline servers allow fast and easy access in places without Internet connectivity

Multiple readers can access the same item simultaneously, which can be very useful for teachers who want to assign the same reading to all their students.

Designed and Created for



We provide free and easy access to age-appropriate books that help improve children’s reading skills and develop a reading culture in schools. The reference materials help students do research projects and promote the habit of independent inquiry.



Teachers can benefit widely from various teaching resources and educational materials in core subjects as well as various other subjects such as agriculture, health, environment, and technology.



The communities around the schools can also access the content on the digital library. The audio-visual content on health, livelihood and agriculture can be of great benefit to the community members. They can also use personal devices to download books to read later.


Language and Arts

Adult and children’s literature in Nepali, English and other languages, along with books and materials on different art forms, movements and artists.

Educational materials

Awareness building and advocacy related materials and videos on topics such as agriculture, health, environment, civic duties, disaster preparedness, etc.

Course-related materials

School textbooks, supplementary readings by grade and subject, and interactive learning software.

Reference materials

Dictionary, school Wikipedia, maps, atlas, government documents

Newspapers and Magazines

Children’s newspapers and magazines, newsletters and other publications.

Teaching support materials

National curriculum, teaching manuals, teacher training materials, supplementary readings.


OLE Nepal has sought and received permissions from authors, publishers and organizations to add the materials that are found in E-Pustakalaya. An advisory panel consisting of prominent Nepali writers helped in the development of E-Pustakalaya. Maitri Trust, UK and Nepal Library Foundation, a Canada-based organization, have been OLE Nepal’s major partners and supporters in E-Pustakalaya development.





At places where internet access is unavailable, unreliable and expensive, offline E-Pustakalaya provides an offline source of educational resources. If schools already have a computer network, they can add E-Pustakalaya installed server and the network will be ready with E-Pustakalaya. We can provide relevant information on low-cost, low-power and reliable machine for the server. If schools don’t have school computer network, we can also help install the network. The network equipment include Router/Switch, cable and server. We can also provide training and support as per requirement.