E-Paath is a collection of subject-specific, and grade-specific digital learning materials that were designed and developed by OLE Nepal, and is at the core of our ICT in Education program. E-Paath is browser-based, and can run on any platform that supports browsers. It can be downloaded and used for free. It can also be accessed online from OLE Nepal’s digital library, E-Pustakalaya.

Conceptualized by educators and curriculum experts, these interactive educational software modules are closely aligned with the national curriculum and are designed to help teachers and students meet the learning objectives outlined in the curriculum. Curriculum experts work closely with a team of graphic designers and software programmers to bring the concept to life. The prepared materials go through a round of review by other experts before they are approved and finalized. These activities employ various features of technology such as audio, images, animation and text to help students better understand concepts in various subjects. From conceptualization to design and development, the team has paid close attention to ensure that the activities are fun and interactive, and the graphic elements, text and audio components are contextualized to match students local environment.

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Key attributes of E-Paath

  • Education-focused and curriculum-based
  • Promotes self-learning and self-assessment
  • Fun and interactive
  • Free and Open


Each activity module has a ‘lesson’ section that help students understand the concept being covered and an ‘exercise’ section to test how well students have understood the concept. There is a help button that explains how to use the activities.

Each activity also has accompanying Teachers Note that explains how teachers can integrate the activity in classroom teaching including the learning objective from the curriculum that the activity is designed to help meet, the learning areas that are addressed by the activity, the chapter of the book that the activity correlates to, and most importantly, how the digital activity can be used alongside other learning tools in and outside the classroom to teach various concepts.

E-Paath Front Page

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OLE Nepal has already prepared over 500 E-Paath activities. The following table shows the breakdown of learning modules by grades and subjects. The science activities have been prepared both in Nepali and English languages so that learners in both Nepal and other parts of the world can benefit from them.

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Grade 333241521
Grade 434392020
Grade 5313930-
Grade 6323830-
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