Sushma’s ‘One Hundred Miles for Hundreds of Smiles’ (2)

Sushma ran 100 miles to Campaign for Better Education for children in remote communities in the Himalayan foothills. 

Sushma with Ignite Health and Fitness Coach, Heather Davenport.

Sushma at one of the local races, in Jacksonville, Florida.

On December 11, 2016, Sushma KC Manandhar successfully completed the Daytona 100 Ultramarathon. She wants to dedicate her 100 mile run to raise awareness about a cause that is close to her heart -- Quality education. As a mother of two and a former substitute teacher, she strongly believes that quality education is the key to a bright future for millions of children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Join Sushma’s campaign to bring smiles to children from remote villages in Nepal

Sushma with Ignite Health and Fitness Coach, Heather Davenport.

Sushma with Ignite Health and Fitness Coach, Heather Davenport.



Janata Primary school

Fundraising Target : $10,000

($100 for every mile)

Raised so far : $3,492

Remaining : $6,508

All contributions are tax deductible in the US



Janata Primary school

Abhilasha Rana KC $10 Agya Pudner $100 Aimee Pafford $25
Akhila Srinivasan $25 Andrea Tiffany $50 Anjuli Piya $150
Ashish Bhatta $50 Baburam Adhikari $50 Bambi Pennycuff $25
Bijaya Shrestha $20 Binaya Manandhar $10 Bishal Basnet $25
Dawn Forman-Lisenby $25 Daxesh Patel $50 Deanne Garrelts $50
Deepak Amatya $20 Dipta Rai $25 Estelle Tsalik $10
Helen Crawford-Connolly $40 Janaki Thapliya $107 Jay Shrestha $100
Kabita Shrestha $200 Kala Mishra $10 Kamal Bhusal $50
Kathy Sinardi $25 Kundan Rimal $40 Lucy Joshee $25
Manisha Shrestha $25 Manjima Sharma $10 Manoj Sharma $50
Monica Shrestha $20 Nina Kandel $10 Niraj Ojha $15
Pallavi Rimal $10 Perina Neupane-Pathak $15 Pinku Manandhar $10
Pooja Strope $10 Poonam Thapa $50 Pratistha Kansakar $20
Praveen Chalise $100 Prerna & Bibek $100 Prithivi Khatri $50
Reena Shrestha $300 Regine Tillmanns $300 Ronda McPherson $50
Sameer Khakurel $100 Sheela Pradhan $10 Stuti Manandhar $25
Sujeeta Kain $300 Sumi Gauchan $35 Sumona Balla $10
Sushil Bogati $50 Tony Anderson $500 * List is updated every 12 hours.

Sushma is working with a Nepali non-profit, Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal), to reach children in farflung communities in the country. Since its inception in 2007, OLE Nepal has been doing innovative work in using technology to provide access to better education in rural areas. OLE Nepal collaborates with schools, teachers and local communities to introduce technology-enabled quality learning tools and materials so that children have fun and meaningful learning experience. OLE Nepal develops and distributes digital learning activities, deploys appropriate technology infrastructure in schools, and trains and supports teachers to help enhance education in some of the poorest regions.

Learn more about OLE Nepal’s work and impact.


Supporters will receive regular updates through OLE Nepal’s quarterly newsletter.

(All contributions are tax deductible in the US)


3 comments on “Daytona 100 Ultra-Marathon by Sushma

  1. Kamal Bhusal on said:

    Good luck what you been doing. Great work…

  2. Sujeeta Kain on said:

    All the Best, Sush❤

  3. Sumi Gauchan on said:

    Sushma, Thank you for this opportunity to support OLE and the underpriviledged kids in Nepal.

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