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Fundraising Target = USD 66,700

Your donations are tax deductible in the US.
100% of your contribution goes towards laptops for children.

Jajarkot 2019

In 2019, OLE Nepal plans to introduce the laptop program in more schools in the mid-western region. In partnership with the UN World Food Program (WFP), we will select 12 new schools in Jajarkot district.

How we work

OLE Nepal will work in partnership with the WFP and local government to make a positive impact in the education of young children, by providing learning resources, teacher training, on-site support program, and power infrastructure.

Why jajarkot?

40% of the population are living below the poverty line in Jajarkot (1.5 times the national average)

Only ½ of enrolled students complete their primary education.

While 52% girls are enrolled in primary school, only 5% of them go on to complete their grade 10 exams (Half of the national average)

Half the female population is illiterate.

You too can make a difference by contributing to buy laptops!

Fundraising Target = USD 66,700

(290 LAPTOPS for 12 schools)


$ 250

buys 1 laptop

$ 1000

buys 4 laptops

$ 5,500

buys laptops for 1 school in Jajarkot

$ ?

You can also give what you can

Your  donations are tax deductible in the US.   |   100% of your contribution goes towards laptops for children.

Daryl & Maxine Zook$7,500
Matthew & Erin Milanese$700
Ram Khattri Chettri & Karen James$7,500
Duane and Kathy Zook$500
Frederick & Kimberly Kieper$500
Jessica Frye$1,000
Tonja K Zook-Nicholas$12,500
Terry and Chris Adam$500
Carrie Hartzler & Suman Bhandari$250
Jessica Baldanzi$50
Thames College$909
Jeffrey Ravel$100
Purusotam Shrestha$10
Allen Spanier$100
Reena Shrestha$300
Jimmy Oostrum$100
Beltron International/Ajay K ShresthaNPR. 100,000
Niva Shrestha$250

Fundraising events in 2018

Annual benefit luncheon 2018

The communities in Goshen and Middlebury, Indiana gather every year in support of OLE Nepal's programs to bring quality learning opportunities to children from marginalized communities in Nepal's remote regions.

This year's OLE Nepal Annual Benefit Luncheon Program will be hosted by Ram Khattri Chettri and Karen James on Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 12 - 3 PM at their home in 230 Greenfield Drive, Middlebury, Indiana, USA.

Join Goshen and Middlebury, Indiana.

Make a Difference

Ram Khattri Chhetri
& Karen James

-Your donations are tax deductible in the U.S.
-100% of your contribution will go towards laptops for children in Bajura

photos from the event

Fundraising by Thames College

The Theater Club of Thames International College organized a fundraising event for OLE Nepal's laptop program schools in the Far and Mid-Western Region. We would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication to come up with the brilliant theater show 'Jhimik Jhimik Jhyappa'.

The play was a Nepali adaptation from the English play 'Black Comedy'.

All proceeds from the show organized by Thames International College will go towards laptops for children in remote schools.

Thames International

photos from the event

Photos from darchula deployment 2018

This year we have successfully launched the laptop program at 15 new schools in Darchula. Currently, 1300+ young learners are learning on 243 fully loaded laptops, with the help of 58 trained teachers.
We couldn’t have done this without the help of our supporters in Nepal and all over the world.

Currently, we are working on providing access to quality education in remote primary schools of Dadeldhura, Bajhang, Baitadi, Doti, and Darchula districts in Far-Western region of Nepal. We have also established a field office in Dadeldhura to support the 96 laptop program schools in the region.


"It is an amazing opportunity for us to enhance our quality of teaching learning environment. I believe these digital interactive learning resources and knowledge and techniques learnt through this training will be instrumental to improve the quality of education"
Mr. Namraj Bhatta
Bhawagati Basic School
"I am confident to use
integrated teaching methods which
is fostering curriculum objectives
and sustainable learning skills
through information
and communications
Mr. Haridutta Joshi
Yubabarsh Basic School
"The digital content especially ‘E-Paath’ will definitely boost our
students’ learning outcomes.I believe that techniques and methods
learned during training will also
help us to change our teaching-learning practices"
Ms. Chaal Kumari KC
Changestan Higher Secondary School

positive results in baitadi (2016-2017)

OLE Nepal’s laptop program was introduced in fifteen schools in Baitadi on September 2016.
We had conducted two sets of surveys (Baseline survey in September 2016 and midline survey in September 2017) to check the effectiveness of the program.

The comparison of baseline and midline survey results revealed that students have made an impressive improvement in learning English, Science and Mathematics. Though we are aware that many factors contribute to the improvement in student learning, students were able to learn concepts at a pace that would not have been possible with the traditional way of learning.

Our Previous Campaigns

“Supporting Quality Education in Darchula in 2018!”
In 2018, our team at Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal will work on providing access to quality education in remote primary schools of Darchula district in Far-Western region of Nepal. We will be working closely with the Department of Education to introduce a better learning environment through the use of digital learning resources and laptops along with intensive teacher training, and on-site support program. OLE Nepal is implementing the laptop program with the support of UN World Food Programme WFP’s School Meals Programme, which is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), through the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition grant. Click here to view campaign.

“Annual Open Learning Exchange Nepal Benefit Luncheon Program 2017”
Every year, the communities in Goshen and Middlebury, Indiana gather in support of OLE Nepal’s programs to bring quality learning opportunities to children from marginalized communities in Nepal’s remote regions. This year, the OLE Nepal Annual Benefit Luncheon is being hosted by Ram KC & Karen James on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at their home in 230 Greenfield Drive, Middlebury, Indiana, USA. Click Here to learn more.

“One Hundred Miles for Hundreds of Smiles”
On December 11, 2016, Sushma KC Manandhar completed the Daytona 100 Ultramarathon covering a distance of 100 miles. She dedicated her 100 mile run to raise awareness about a cause that is close to her heart — Quality Education. Click Here to view Sushma’s campaign.

Supporting Quality Education in Baitadi
OLE Nepal successfully completed the deployment of laptops with digital learning resources, and teacher training, to bring quality education to all children of Baitadi district in Far-Western region of Nepal. OLE Nepal in partnership with the District Education Office introduced a better learning environment through the use of digital learning resources and laptops. OLE Nepal also ran an on-site support program. To learn about the project, Click here for more details.

Nepal Earthquake Relief for Children and Education
The massive earthquake on April 25 and the subsequent aftershocks have left people homeless and vulnerable, and with thousands of schools destroyed across many districts, children may be deprived of education for months, if not years. OLE Nepal has initiated a relief and rehabilitation campaign to focus mainly on bringing learning opportunities to children during this period. You can be part of this campaign. Click here for more details.

Supporting Quality Education in Bajhang
OLE Nepal launched an ambitious project in 2013 to improve access to quality education in primary schools in the remote far western district of Bajhang. Through the introduction of laptops and digital learning resources in classroom teaching, OLE Nepal aimed to reduce the access to quality education by the children across geographic regions, school types and population groups. So far, we have reached to 43 schools with our laptop program. Learn more about the project Click here.