Poor quality and wide disparity in education quality and access among school types, regions, and population groups are two of the major problems facing Nepal’s education sector. A vast majority of students attending public schools in rural areas do not have access to learning materials beyond the regular text books. OLE Nepal’s mission is to help address these problems through the integration of ICT in daily classroom teaching-learning process.

OLE Nepal was launched by people from different backgrounds brought together by a common belief that technology can help address the twin problems of quality and disparity in our education system. We at OLE Nepal believe that our education system needs to be transformed to make learning more relevant, fun and engaging, and technology provides a flexible medium that allows children to focus on their strengths and learn at various paces.

Established in September 2007, OLE Nepal has pioneered the integration of technology in classroom teaching-learning process. OLE Nepal partnered with Nepal’s Department of Education to launch laptop-based integrated learning initiative in 2008, and has gradually expanded the program to more schools over the years. OLE Nepal has also designed and developed digital learning materials, trained teachers to use them to enhance student learning, and set up appropriate infrastructure in schools to enable learning using technology.

Currently, our programs are running in more than 1000 schools in districts across Nepal. These include 160 schools running the shared-model laptop program as a way to reach more students with limited laptops, and the digital library program that gives free and open access to wide range of educational resources to students and teachers.